“But why have things changed so quickly? What promises do we make at baptism? Lay Your hands upon him now and deliver him from evil. As individual parents, we promise our fellow believers to raise our family according to the values and outlook of the Church. Infant baptism is the practice of baptising infants or young children.In theological discussions, the practice is sometimes referred to as paedobaptism, or pedobaptism, from the Greek pais meaning "child". Renewal of Baptismal Promises. It outlines the steps for the formation of catechumens, bringing their conversion to the faith to a greater maturity. Prepare to share the reflection by reading it through beforehand. At the same time, by accepting these promises, all our fellow Catholics accept the obligation to help these parents in the difficult task of raising a Catholic family today. The godparents make the responses for an infant being baptized. ... Do you believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic church, the communion of saints, ... (This is a family service that is directed by one of the parents. Kevin framed his question with a deep frown. These are called the baptismal vows. (1) Do you renounce Satan? If Catholic Online has given you $5.00 worth of knowledge this year, take a minute to donate. Roman Catholic AnswerThe parents present the baby for baptism. 1. The members of the Church should also demand that the Baptismal promises … The practice of baptism originates at the beginning of the Christian Church. Baptismal Promises The Baptismal Promises are the promises made by the parents of the infant who is being initiated/Baptized, these promises are based on the Apostles Creed. It is obvious that these promises have not the theological import of vows properly so called. “, A Parish of the Diocese of Corpus Christi. (2) And all his works? The godparents’ promises In the christening service, you will make some big promises to support your godchild throughout their life. Kevin and Joan did not seem to be aware of the commitment that Baptism demands. These promises are made to God, to the Catholic community, and to the child itself. 1273 Incorporated into the Church by Baptism, the faithful have received the sacramental character that consecrates them for Christian religious worship. Of course, there were a few parents who did not remain faithful to their promises, but not enough to lead anyone to seriously question the matter. These are called the baptismal vows. Is your faith real? Yet Catholic Baptism does not end with just the ritual. At this moment they promise to raise their child as a Catholic. Almost always in the past, what the parents promised at their child’s Baptism was actually carried out as they raised the family. To the first three questions, we reply through our godparents in Baptism. We should also renew them on our First Communion day, on New Year’s Day, and after a mission or spiritual retreat. This means that you should be prepared to stand up and publicly declare your faith as follows: Priest: Do you reject sin, so as to live in the freedom of God's chil-dren? Some parents are keen to baptise their children as soon as they are born, so that in case something happens, they know that their child will go to heaven. Why this about face?”, Kevin and Joan’s eyes flamed with anger when they heard my words: “, A new rule? In the case of infant baptism they are made in the name of the child by the sponsors. (5) Do you believe in Jesus Christ, His only Son, Our Lord, who was born into the world and suffered for us? You could talk to your own vicar about what these promises mean, or join with your godchild’s parents when they explore what a christening means. WHAT ARE THE BAPTISMAL PROMISES? A very small child cannot speak for him or herself. By them the person renounces Satan and all his works and pomps; that is, sin and all occasions. If a baby is being baptised, the promises are made for them. Dear Brothers and Sisters, We continue listening to the Wisdom God gave to St. Louis de Montfort in writing his treatise on “True Devotion”: 2. Parents and Godparents: I … If all Catholics would live their Baptismal Promises not only would the Church find new life but the transformation of communities we live in would take place. In baptism we use your gift of water, which you have made a rich symbol of the grace you give us in this sacrament. During the session you may wish to use the script as is, or adapt it as you wish. The parents ask for … If we weren’t old enough our parents made the promises for us. For Catholics, the baptism of babies has been going on for since New Testament Times when whole families were baptized (Acts 16:33). We promise through our godparents in Baptism to renounce the devil, and to live according to the teachings of Christ and of His Church. The promises one makes at baptism. During the next few minutes, we’re going to reflect on our Baptism and the promises that were made for us by our parents and godparents. Usually the mother holds the child. and all his pomps?” (6) And do you believe in the Holy Ghost, the Holy Catholic Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and life everlasting?

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