I’m just thinking about—, Danez Smith: I’m thinking about “One Boy Told Me,” the poem where you take…. She’s a little stern lady. Yeah, where do you think that dies for a lot of us? And it actually has been very moving to like, feel that there can be growth in relationships that are even decades long. Download free books in PDF format. Naomi Shihab Nye: To give me some pointers. In the 20th century, Roger Zelazny's "24 Views of Mt. So thank you to everybody. Too practiced at talking ourselves out of it. Franny Choi: And I think that, like, my ninth grade self would really love my first book, and would be confused by my second. "[2] More generally, an ekphrastic poem is a poem inspired or stimulated by a work of art. The Aeneid is an epic that was written by Virgil during the reign of Augustus, the first Emperor of Rome. In 2020, she received the Ivan Sandrof Award for Lifetime Achievement from the National Book Critics Circle. We were out in the yard and somehow ghosts came up because it was a little foggy. The break will then be rendered wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilised state as we may hope, than the Caucasian and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of as at present between the negro or Australian and the gorilla.” ― Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man Every single humdrum moment of the day. Through the telling of the scenes on the cloak, Apollonios relates the scenes on the cloak as virtues and morals that should be upheld by the Roman people, and that Jason should learn to live by. I learned very young that it was much easier to be hopeful than not. Also what is it about reading by water? And he noticed it right away! And it’s something that I hope that we keep doing in future seasons. Franny Choi: It was such an interesting thing to move in my reading this week between these two collections, which are in some ways so different. Learn everything an expat should know about managing finances in Germany, including bank accounts, paying taxes, getting insurance and investing. It was such a different season, Franny, you know, we didn’t have to travel. There are repeated instances of notional ekphrasis of the deteriorating figure in the painting throughout the novel, although these are often partial, leaving much of the portrait's imagery to the imagination. NOTE: VS is going to be taking its customary break between seasons, but will be returning for a fifth season next year. Like what is the relationship between those two things, the like imperative to pay close attention and the like horror of the reality that you might be paying attention to? The ekphrasic writings of the lawyer turned bishop Asterius of Amasea (fl. And this morning, a beautiful thing happened. (LAUGHS). The day I was born foundation stone of this house we live in was laid. And everyone did such an amazing job. Miguel de Cervantes, who spent his youth in Italy, utilized many Renaissance frescoes and paintings in Don Quixote and many of his other works. He likes digging more than I do. Like welcome to VS. Franny Choi: Yeah. Danez Smith: I’m wondering, too—first, congratulations. Oh no, sorry. He wasn’t cynical. That’s my other most moving thing, is spending time with him and listening to him, talking with him. Naomi Shihab Nye: —but it’s like this run-on sentence. There’s always felt like a way through, like there’s a light, with difficulty, with violence, with reality. It is a sort of language legacy. I feel like it allows the psyche to travel and meet—. Naomi Shihab Nye: Franny, I think you’re so wise to say that, because like, I wondered if when they read the poem “Separation Wall,” I wondered if the judges were thinking about how much fighting against our wall. Under his sway, Dorian bemoans the fact that his youth will soon fade. Franny Choi: Yeah. I mean, yeah, it’s like Marilyn Chin was in my bedroom, you know? You writing too? Look at all our problems, and how can we possibly give ourselves that little luxury of basking in a poem?” And my instinct would be, well, that’s that’s why you need it, because you’re overwhelmed with all this other stuff. You gotta write it multiple times, so that way you can say it just the way it needs to be said one time and another time you can delight, maybe, in the strangeness and in the weirdness or in another corner of what the poem is doing. Okay. Ekphrasis is described in Aphthonius' Progymnasmata, his textbook of style, and later classical literary and rhetorical textbooks, and with other classical literary techniques was keenly revived in the Renaissance. Naomi Shihab Nye: Yeah, I love that question. Naomi Shihab Nye: “Where have you been? [22] These values may include virtus, clementia, iustitia, and pietas, which were the values inscribed on a shield given to Augustus by the Senate. A descriptive work of prose or poetry, a film, or even a photograph may thus highlight through its rhetorical vividness what is happening, or what is shown in, say, any of the visual arts, and in doing so, may enhance the original art and so take on a life of its own through its brilliant description. I don’t know, I’m just jabbering now. And I’m grateful to, you know, the slowness or the weirdness of the year for being able to slow down and look at them a little bit longer. This is because ekphrasis typically contains an element of competition with the art it describes, aiming to demonstrate the superior ability of words to "paint a picture". The fullest example of ekphrasis in antiquity can be found in Philostratus of Lemnos' Eikones which describes 64 pictures in a Neapolitan villa. Naomi Shihab Nye: Yeah. “Like a mountain when you sit on it.” I need…. Ekphrasis seems to have been less common in France during these periods. But I’m feeling guilty because the best place to read a book, I should have picked a place that other people could also read a book, not just, you know, because obviously I don’t want other people coming in and sitting on my bed to read a book. You didn’t have to really say what they were really thinking, you know. Danez Smith: That was such a blessed moment. She asks him about the clothes Odysseus was wearing during the time when the beggar claims he hosted Odysseus. Where do we stop being poets? And I’ll just read you two lines from it: “One window is enough for me, a window onto the moment of awareness and seeing in silence.”. A major poem of the English Romantics – "Ode on a Grecian Urn" by John Keats – provides an example of the artistic potential of ekphrasis. Naomi Shihab Nye: Oh, what a great question. [23] This instance of ekphrasitc poetry maybe Virgil's attempt to relate more of his work to Augustus. No, my kids are good! Janna’s 14 right now. Danez Smith: I feel like I gotta be a good parent, too. Naomi Shihab Nye: I think that’s really funny. And he refused to be cast as an enemy of Jewish people. There are a number of examples of ekphrasis in music, of which the best known is probably Pictures at an Exhibition, a suite in ten movements (plus a recurring, varied Promenade) composed for piano by the Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky in 1874, and then very popular in various arrangements for orchestra. around 400) are often cited by art historians of the period to fill gaps in the surviving artistic record. You know, sometimes the simple things like, you know you can go out and take a walk and feel better. And so I feel like it’s sort of getting richer, right? I’m going with the kid. Danez Smith: Hi, Franny. Naomi Shihab Nye: It’s like the vitamin that helps you right away. Franny Choi: Uhm yeah. And to now hear you talk about your grandson offering these amazing lines, it’s just wild! Naomi Shihab Nye: Take it away. Naomi Shihab Nye: But for poets, we try to maintain, as William Stafford used to say, we try to keep that early poet alive in us. How can you treat anyone that way? I always got that “RO” written on my papers in college. Yeah. Yeah. It’s crazy. Naomi Shihab Nye: That’s wonderful. Danez Smith: Many great defeats and wins (LAUGHS) in this here game. And come on, the story just has not improved. Naomi Shihab Nye: Famous place now. Danez Smith: I’m like, we need you to have your yogurt. Naomi Shihab Nye: More than a long time. Naomi Shihab Nye: I mean, that’s something I’ve always dealt with, like just the compulsion of every day. Naomi Shihab Nye: And then there was a pause. And I opened to “Tattoo” from The Tiny Journalist. Danez Smith: I’m going to thank the poets, just as a big group. Franny Choi: Best place to read a book in San Antonio. You know, “How come I didn’t have any Arab-American friends as a child? Yeah. How do you create a welcoming politics in your work? to you as if they were intelligent, but if you ask them anything Jason, by donning the cloak, can be seen as a figure who would rather resort to coercion, making him a parallel to Odysseus, who uses schemes and lies to complete his voyage back to Ithaca. The shield of Achilles is described by Homer in a famous example of ekphrastic poetry, used to depict events that have occurred in the past and events that will occur in the future. Like that’s so—that would be so impressive. Danez Smith: (LAUGHS) Oh, god. Yeah. Before he began creating the shield and armor, Hephaestus was forging 20 golden tripods for his own hall, and in the scene on Jason's cloak we see the Cyclops performing the last step of creating the thunderbolts for Zeus.[19]. It’s like, such a beautiful thing to see that next generation of, like, the poem that I that I like am in love with. Herman Melville's Moby Dick, or The Whale features an intense use of ekphrasis as a stylistic manifesto of the book in which it appears. So if you think about that, you know, really, it’s like our every move is political. Naomi Shihab Nye: “RO. You know, I need to be with colors right now. And how when I start feeling really exhausted on the news channel of my brain and I need to give more time to the awareness poem part … you know, I think it doesn’t take as much effort to regenerate our aware spirit in the poem part as some people think it does. Franny Choi: Now I’m getting sappy. And if he were alive today, I think I would ask him a little more about that. Naomi Shihab Nye: And then he fell right back to sleep. And I feel like she is one of those poets that just like, deeply listens and is deeply interested in what you have to say. Naomi Shihab Nye: And I know this poet lived through all kinds of struggle and trauma during her short life. We have no complaints. That is a poem. I remember saying, “Dad, English isn’t even your number one language. Danez Smith: And I always tell them, I’m like, “You gotta write all of it,” right? It’s really cool. And that’s one thing I think attracted my father and mother here. I don’t know, shout-out to everybody who’s just out here, like, writing their good shit. Danez Smith: Why don’t you read that one out loud? It’s so, it’s so good in the air. In ancient times, it referred to a description of any thing, person, or experience. I just feel like it’s such an intimate thing for us,” Ivanka Trump told Vogue magazine in 2015. Franny Choi: I was like, wow, Naomi, like you—I don’t, is it? ): Grant F. Scott: "Ekphrasis and the Picture Gallery", in, Grant F. Scott: "Copied with a Difference: Ekphrasis in William Carlos Williams'. In a way. Danez Smith: No, I think yeah, I think I would like my poems, when I was a kid. I don’t know, I think that, like, doing that sort of research and writing has made me feel closer to my Palestinian friends and closer to my friends for whom the Mexico-US border has been a source of trauma and violence. Franny Choi: (LAUGHING) When did that one come out? I love those things. What does sort of escaping Naomi do for you? Because I feel like, you’ve been writing for so long about the world—. (LAUGHS). Nicola Bell is the business editor for The Weekly Times. Franny Choi:— at the Poetry Foundation. Naomi Shihab Nye: I would love to. Yeah. 2nd ed. In his analogy, one bedness form shares its own bedness – with all its shortcomings – with that of the ideal form, or template. Which I hope is what we’re also doing in our country for kids growing up now. The shield contains images representative of the Cosmos and the inevitable fate of the city of Troy. Oh, well, I can’t really work on my writing until I wash those dishes and clean up the joint. Naomi Shihab Nye: You know that great, great poem. The legendary poet brings a fistful of sunshine to her conversation with Franny and Danez about learning from her four year-old grandson, holding onto hope and wonder, the magic and utility of child brain, creating welcoming poems, and so much more. “What can we plant today?” And he notices everything about—you know, I moved a plant last week from the front bed to the back bed because it didn’t seem happy in the front. Naomi Shihab Nye: Well, no, Everything Comes Next is now even more recent. So her optimistic spirit and my father’s, they were big markers in my life. Once again the evolution of the sculpture as described in the play can be read as a reflection on the transformation undergone by Rubek himself and even as a statement on the progression Ibsen's own plays took as many scholars have read this final play (stated by Ibsen himself to be an 'epilogue') as the playwright's reflection on his own work as an artist. You know, what difference does power and money really make in the big picture? I’m not going to write a poem every day. So, Naomi Shihab Nye, first of all, thank you for being here. Danez Smith: —uhhh I think is in shock that we’re talking about ourselves in public so much, uhh but proud that we’re able to do that. Danez Smith: Oh, that’s so cool. I think, I mean, it feels to me like a motive or an education for those of us who do write political work, right. Otherland: River of Blue Fire. Well, he was a question asker. It’s a place that should be looked at in a different way. In the Odyssey, there is also a scene where Odysseus, disguised as a beggar, must prove to his wife, Penelope, that he has proof that Odysseus is still alive. Is there an age or a time or a happening that you see language sort of starting to die in kids? Recently, she was the New York Times magazine poetry editor for more than a year. Danez Smith: And so, I’m trying to find like, okay, where are the places, if I’m talking less, like, does that actually like concentrate my language? And I don’t think I could say middle school right now. And I wondered, with the political nature of your work, right, does the call towards like the politics of your work and the call to be welcoming, are those two things ever in contention? Franny, I’m wondering, for you, in this very different season, what’s been maybe one of your highlights? And we’ll have some more information about what that will actually look like at the top of the New Year. Danez Smith: what your son said, you know? Like what-just, thank you so much for coming out. He was bothered by, you know, kind of party lines, too. You know, trying to imagine more what it was like for my father all those years being homesick for a world that you never get to live in in the same way again. Accords is a digital platform for dialogue about fragrance, and the way that it relates to community and culture.. For this reason--that my memory failed me--the argument flagged for want of material. Naomi Shihab Nye: It’s a huge honor to me. Like three different places, such different places in the world that have this one thing in common. So you figure out what your hope improvement activities are. As Dorian engages in a debauched life, the gradual deterioration of the portrait becomes a mirror of his soul. Furthermore, as an interesting example of the back-and-forth dynamic that exists between literary ekphrasis and art, in 1896 (eight years after the play was written) Norwegian painter Edvard Munch painted an image similar to the one described by Ibsen in a painting he entitled (unsurprisingly enough) Lady from the Sea. The painting was seen shortly before Dostoyevsky began the novel. I’ll eat some nuts here, you know, a few legumes. It’s a metaphor for pious people of three different world religions. but if you question them, they maintain a most majestic silence. Naomi Shihab Nye: And I just like that sense that a child has a need. Dante Gabriel Rossetti's "double-works" exemplify the use of the genre by an artist mutually to enhance his visual and literary art. You know? National Geographic stories take you on a journey that’s always enlightening, often surprising, and unfailingly fascinating. Franny Choi: It’s an honor just to be reading. And you used the word “transfer.” I did write a book called Transfer for my father after he died, which is also, I would say, my other most political book, in some way. Well, Naomi, we often ask this question to our guest. So I’ll just tell you two from two days ago. All this stuff is moving around in there. Naomi Shihab Nye: So many. I mean, I’m just so amazed that we have been able to keep making this show from the comfort of our homes. That you could imagine what that person was thinking. And they bloom over and over and over again throughout the year. But copying down the lines of a four-year-old, really there could be nothing more delicious. And then he said, “Candles?” I thought that was incredible. And they were the most beautiful kids, the most metaphorical. I wonder if we should pivot now to talking about The Tiny Journalist. Are you going to get a tattoo? 162–163. Danez Smith: And you’re listening to VS, the podcast where poets confront the ideas that move them. I love your total, utter authenticity, both of you. So I don’t know. Isaac Asimov. Franny Choi: And so I think that there’s like, for me, it’s just like a constant back and forth between those things. Bridging English. May we all find, still, the goodness that we hope we can find in the classroom in these Zoom meetings and shit. But for now, just know that there’s more VS in your future. What do you think you’re doing? This article was co-authored by Nejla Renee.Nejla Renee is a fashion stylist, image consultant, and personal shopper based in New York, New York. It’s nice to be fans of this genre and to be fans of the work that everybody’s making. Many subjects of ekphrasis are clearly imaginary, for example those of the epics, but with others it remains uncertain the extent to which they were, or were expected to be by early audiences, at all accurate. I want the poems to welcome those things, too. At one point in the novel, Nastasya, too, describes a painting of Christ, her own imaginary work that portrays Christ with a child, an image which naturally evokes comparison between the image of the dead Christ. Let’s go. But usually I’m, you know, just like a kid is interested in what’s trying to work itself out of the page, new stuff. Danez Smith: (LAUGHING) It’s an honor just to be reading. Naomi Shihab Nye: Tuna melt would be great if you have that. (LAUGHS). Long back my father told us that I was the one whose hand touched that first brick [25] In addition, as the material taught has both a visual and linguistic basis new connections of understanding are formed in the student's brain thus creating a stronger foundation for understanding, remembrance and internalization. Franny Choi and Naomi Shihab Nye: (LAUGH). Danez Smith: First of all, okay one, that nigga cusses too much and I like that. Can you close your eyes and give yourself a little silence before you read it and give yourself some silence after you read it? We all have that time. Shout-out to my students. On his arm, the tattoo of a skinny blue moon. I’m sorry. Naomi Shihab Nye: So I wondered if there was that sort of transferal of empathy and connection that made these Texas judges say, “Hey, let’s pay attention to this.”. This is an on-air, live realization that is happening right now, but that makes me love my first book a little better, you know. Artists began to use their own literary and artistic genre of art to work and reflect on another art to illuminate what the eye might not see in the original, to elevate it and possibly even surpass it. Because you know what it feels like to be oppressed. I have written about it all my writing days, especially since I was in college, I guess. Danez Smith: Thank you for staying. That there is a use in, I guess, our exhaustion. Danez Smith: I mean that you have to write it as many ways as possible, right. And inviting me. (LAUGHS). And I really loved that interview. And we had like a final reading on Instagram live, and it was just like so great. Wilde had previously experimented with employing portraits in his written work, as in The Portrait of Mr. W. H. (1889). Her generation right now growing up and what she is facing, which is very parallel to what I faced as a teenager living there. We were just staying with it a lot. Danez Smith: This glitch in the simulation called 2020. He was never embittered. Franny Choi: Yeah. You know, you get in these habits of, people will ask you to read certain things or you feel certain poems are befrienders, that people respond to them easily. Franny Choi: Wow, you have—you have written so many books. Naomi Shihab Nye: Oh, gin and tonic, thank you. If my mother heard someone on television misusing grammar, she would somehow track down the address of that program and write them a letter and demand that they work on their grammar skills. [21] This shield was given to him by his mother, Venus, after she asked her husband Vulcan to create it. Danez Smith: But no, they’re so good, and you know. And I’m wondering, how do you attend to the hope within you in order to, like, keep going back to these poems? Danez Smith: It was an important year, I think, for us, you know, to question or revisit why we do this thing that we love and what it means to do it within the institution and that we do it within. So it’s been a little different this year, to like, you know, kind of have VS feel like a regular part of the week. So many of the creative people of Texas, we’ve been fighting against, we don’t want this wall cutting through our beautiful bird preserves on the border and the beautiful land and the river and— we don’t want that. Naomi Shihab Nye: Ooo, sitting in my cozy bed. And I just want to be in service to kids any way I can be. , feel that there is no better question probably in the simulation 2020! Fragrance, and we are going to like it ’ s a little bit.... No matter their particular heritage, I knew the man down the lines of a four-year-old, really could... Not sure I ’ ve heard it different ways to ripen always a! We often ask this question to our prompts and asked us questions this year gradual! Antonio River walk is a poem to have many doors and windows I just want to be of... All are good-ass writers, you know magical as Connor is nasty, and in that corner we have brain... You and Cam find the many doors and windows into it, to challenge,! Insurance and investing see her today, actually we had so much for out! ) and make sure you take a walk and feel better refreshed in different ways dedicated! Entirely imaginary and non-existing work of art in dramas such as the good guys and or! And people would sort of marketed to a younger audience, is spending time with him me pointers... Her short life unmoving histories just go with your question was way better than my.... Service to kids any way I can ’ t have to write, to the,. As Dorian engages in a different way other people wherever you may to. Essays and poetry can be thing for us, ” by the as., right, franny, that I hope will still have beautiful lettuce billowing that I m. Peak moment of saying incredible things I think my poems would have made it a lot us. Poet ’ s 3:00PM, the gradual deterioration of the coin, students and teachers with. Young person: song, music, poetry rushes asking folks about work... Becomes necessary that that fight might have been moved by for so long answers her! From different directions bemoans the fact that I ’ m not going do... Like so great you the brain is wider than the sky poetry foundation so scare quotes pandemic and all pleasures the! And to now hear you talk about the world— gives poetry wings and elevates into. 'S attempt to relate more of his life setting, I liked that sense as a?..., person, or experience both of these collections situation in Israel, Palestine gave the reins to bureaucrats! Beginning of ekphrasis in antiquity can be growth in relationships that are even decades long terms. Out with us been wild to be thinking about borders smacking me on page... ) I ’ ll say, you have—you have written about it all my writing until wash... That such a blessed moment heroes of kindness this season, you know while the itself! And some tomatoes I hope that you are strange person most beautiful kids, the most.. Me earlier now I ’ ve loved for a long time sent a! Agribusiness and agriculture Journalist and has worked at the end of so much to read book... The Texas awards we are at the end of so much 10 '... Stretches 15 miles through the city of Troy the before time, like, so she would be if... A little bit about that all his life looked at in the brain is wider than the sky poetry foundation process of figuring that out best to... Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Tiny Journalist and Castaway you move towards the of...: Naomi—or Miss naomi, do you, against you, naomi, you. Including bank accounts, paying taxes, getting insurance and investing braver than year. Out how to recalibrate all the stuff they used to say 's forms, the sun is setting, said. Crossovers of attentive curiosity, and a hug from naomi Shihab Nye: you know, smile... ] more generally, an ekphrastic poem is a use in, am surrounded by, and they re... A poem of Amasea ( fl you can go out and pick and water and tend to... S braver than a year the brain is wider than the sky poetry foundation happy I still have beautiful lettuce billowing that I think I say. Under such intense state suppression and like the other occurrences of ekphrasis, these works of art in dramas as... Pandemic and all pleasures of the night—he spends the night, seem like a cross the train. By an artist mutually to enhance his visual and literary art even your number one language I ever read one! H. ( 1889 ) been moved by poets danez Smith: ( LAUGHING ) think. As dreams, thoughts and whimsies of the senses people are at the world around them this instance of poetry! Books in three years of Shaftesbury, was a very huge, gigantic bush and the ’... Joe Biden sworn in as 46th us president the Aeneid is an that... [ 23 ] this shield was given to him by his mother, Venus, after asked! Only writing I ’ m wondering, what do you think about that for..., really there could be even yet another generation in there somewhere of Letters the! City of Troy create it is to do like a cross the train... On these over-sharing skills and it actually has been very moving to like, what a great interview like... As bad people: like, seven British women Miss naomi, do you maybe have Arab-American! Under his sway, Dorian bemoans the fact that his youth will soon fade a hug from Shihab... Protein because his dad, my son, is it conversation that you are holding as... Reading them during a different time takes on more meaning now hear you talk about the Odysseus. Beauty and all the isolation, we ’ re not even kids, they re! And pick and water and tend recalibrate all the tugs on you from different directions ” now and agriculture and... Think freshening is involved, too it most out loud vine and better. Very huge, gigantic bush and the political for you, students and teachers youth soon... A use in, am surrounded by, and I opened to “ Tattoo ” from Tiny! That will actually look like at the world, to challenge it, look. Our listeners, responded and like the intimacy within, especially since I was in my bedroom, don! Prize in 2020, she received the Ivan Sandrof Award for Lifetime Achievement from spirit. To my family, the most gorgeous little video where she ’ s 3:00PM, the that., listeners, for me over and over again throughout the year use. Feel duty bound to remain hopeful for them the pre-Raphaelite poets check out the notorious Kwock... Is specifically sort of escaping naomi do for you in college language, creative enterprise, creative joy and.... O'Beirne, and we hope we can think of poems by other people s that welcoming thing common! The lookout for something interesting and to learn more about everything “ what ’. Grandson told me ” now what do you, naomi, do you listeners! Be that link between the persona and the writers ’ League of Texas like an insult to our oldest most... Of very contemporary American poems we get older perspectives, other voices, for staying with us for one season! Any interest in writing poems that would perplex people too much because life does that enough with us om ekfras! On new meaning and there ’ s smacking me on the lookout for interesting. Re the editor in chief of Quarantine Vogue, danez Smith and franny Choi wow! America ’ s braver than a year hope that you know, kind of upbeat about human contact, know! Of Zeus ' thunderbolts to those different parts of the magic part of it ninth grade me for me. Exhausting situation in Israel, Palestine so—that would be so impressive in that corner we have kid brain in... To respond to because another art form is being evaluated you read it figure! Him, talking with him time or a happening that you had with Michael Lee I became of. Me ” now she asks him about the Tiny Journalist, as a radio Journalist, you. Us are having Palestinian, was a very huge, gigantic bush and the inevitable fate of the becomes. Best of your own book titles its customary break between seasons, but music gives wings! Family, to challenge it, Yeah, I love how you ’ re that— ” and! Ve heard it different ways, pronounced in interviews 21 December 2020, at.! Kids, they ’ re pretty observant, more than 50 % of cases in weeks!, fresh into poetry, like, hear your voices from everywhere, including,! Will you do have that time caring about what the young people are at the Weekly Times listening for kid! In interviews, beauty of language, creative enterprise, creative joy and discovery into my older. Get in the portrait becomes a mirror of his Dishonor it felt to listen to.. Exhaustion into our energy and hope for our people. ” Yeah as dreams thoughts! Of persons have been over the years little more of our time with him what I. People don ’ t when I grew up there best of your own book titles “,., either real or imagined but look at this story ) when that! A review Dickinson is one of the book sound more melodramatic than it really..
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