Ask Your Legislators for Assistance . So what I get is be patient. My boyfriend needs to get unemployment due to the covid-19. Your Alien Registration Number if you are not a US citizen. Even the random lady i got on the phone had heard of the company shutdown said there was alot of claims from there i dont understand why she wasnt able to just change it. Mine is on hold too for a month. If you still don’t see it, please follow up. GetHuman-erigo did not yet indicate what Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance should do to make this right. For more information, please visit your state’s official Unemployment website. Go to the Massachusetts unemployment website and click on 'Appeal'. The gig I did had nothing to do with the military. The save button will not become active after the required fields are filled out. Please visit for contact details including office locations. Find Massachusetts Unemployment Extensions Information Massachusetts residents wanting to learn how to get an unemployment extension and wondering, “what can I do to extend unemployment” will benefit from reviewing the guidelines for a federal unemployment extension. Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim. Our automated Telecert Line at (617) 626-6338 is operational daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. to request weekly benefits. These ‘holds’ that they put on all reopened unemployment claims are a joke – I get that there is SO much fraud involving unemployment – but we have called daily for 6 weeks and verify ALL information everytime – we ask them to call back so we can prove that we are real people. seven I submitted a claim in April. I know because we re self employed we don’t contribute to unemployment, which I was unaware, making us ineligible to receive benefits. This way, it’s a lot easier for you to manage claim payments. Please ask your boyfriend to reach out to the Unemployment Office over the phone. I’ve been calling DUA for weeks upon weeks, every day during the week, at every conceivable time and I absolutely can not get through to a real person. Gather the following information required to file your claim: name, contact information, social security number, name and address of employers for last 15 months, date you started working with your last employer, date of final day of work with your last employer, driver’s license number, bank account information for direct deposit. How do I file if I have no proof of my hours? We’re anticipating a shortage of staff across unemployment offices due to the massive surge in UI applications considering the pandemic. I filled out the questionnaire and misunderstood the question “discharged” when i should i have checked off “laid off”. Are you some sort of bot; you keep giving the same answer to all questions. Please visit the website to find the answers. The Department of Unemployment Assistance said it was likely due to the high volume of people certifying claims. I’ve been on hold for five weeks too. I’ve been waiting for 8 weeks for Renumeration to be complete. I have been trying to reach Unemployment all week with no success. Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance : Employer Login To access Employer account information, enter your User ID and Password. I’m at a lost as to what to do…. … Contact a labor attorney. How to Apply for Unemployment. I applied on the 18th and today it is now finally updated but saying I am not eligible?! The DUA administers unemployment insurance benefits to eligible Massachusetts residents who are currently out of work or have had their hours significantly reduced … How on earth to I get in touch with an actual person? All claims filed in the months of October and November will have to go through an additional review process. There are a variety of benefit and aid programs to help you if you lose your job. The automated system to “request a call back” is telling ME to be the one to call back on Wednesday BUT I’m supposed to file every week on MONDAY and cant because of these issues. I need someone to help me fix this application because i have been out of work for two weeks now with no money to pay my bills. We are sorry to hear about your difficulties. This is crazy! I am unemployed and need the benefits!! If you would like to continue helping us improve, join our user panel to test new features for the site. I have made 2 complaints to the Massachusetts States Attorney and it seemed to have helped my claim. I’m 68 years old and it would be easier to read it and listen to it at the same time. I guess we can just keep trying to get in touch with unemployment, good luck! Have you tried the online method? They will contact you. I have no way of contacting unemployment because offices are closed for god knows how long… and I can’t log into my account because I forgot my password and when I try to reset it, it says unexpected error. I will go back to my employer once this is over, so I don’t know what to enter when I’m asked if I’ve made job seeking activities this week?? There are so many unemployed people here with the skills to provide for the labor shortage that’s at the UI office. Does anyone have an alternate number or email for this fiasco? You may file your claim for unemployment benefits in Massachusetts by phone or online. I’ve been waiting 3 months now and nothing. I received an email from MA DUA and I sent back the info they asked for. Massachusetts Unemployment Rate Massachusetts Laborforce Rate National Unemployment Rate National Laborforce Participation Rate; 5,667,500: 3,578,300: 3,337,200: 241,100: 6.7: 63.1: 6.7: 61.5: The labor force estimates for towns with 2010 Census population of less than 1,000 were produced using the BLS methodology, but are not official BLS estimates. I have an existing claim that I’ve had for about a month now but I just recently went bqck to work full time and am looking to open a new claim regarding the coronavirus situation and I have now been laid off. I have an issue … I'm so confused if this is from the gov't or from a scammer which is if I say "yes" … The best option to consider is visiting an office in the vicinity if feasible. Each time I call the center, an automated message says that the office of unemployment telecenter is closed even though their hours are stated as opening at 8:30AM. It has been 8 weeks and have not heard back and I have not received any money. 4. The website is useless for help! Make sure to check the status at regular intervals. technical issue. If you do not have any paid leave, apply for Unemployment as soon as you stop working. I feel the exact same. I’m constantly cut off and hung up on. You can consider visiting an office in the vicinity if feasible. Please try finding answers online since there might be limited phone support due to the shortage of staffing. It’s impossible to get in touch with anyone and the lady at the career center in my area I felt was less than polite. I received a letter stating I could fill out the enclosed wage correction form, it was however not included…where can I find this online? Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if feasible. I can understand your frustration. Now, I’m actually laid off and have waited about a month and my claim was denied again. For unemployment claims: 800-318-6022. My initial claim had to be appealed all because my last employer was accidentally not included. And when I try and put the city I was born in, it says I’m wrong. I send the office a letter everyday and keep track. Please use the link below to access the page where you can find all the related information. Maybe we should start a petition to CHANGE this frustrating process. How to File a Claim for Unemployment Benefits in Massachusetts. Massachusetts: 26 weeks $823/wk max $1,234 with dependents: Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance : 617-626-6338: Michigan: 20 weeks $362/wk max: Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity: 1-866-500-0017: Minnesota: 26 weeks $740/wk max: Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development: Twin Cities Area: 651-296-3644 … Online since there might be a temp questions, please visit your ’. Will begin how do i contact massachusetts unemployment the Department of unemployment Assistance ( DUA ) tries hard to provide additional feedback help... Are human beings the days for the purpose of reference alone continue helping improve... To use up all your unpaid sick time, vacation time, vacation time, vacation time personal! Call you back every week me a mispelled password…I need unemployment to for... But your advice about calling the claims office directly with the unemployment office might be a difficult for... States Attorney and it states i will become ineligible for future benefits because i get! Reach how do i contact massachusetts unemployment live person… ive been trying for unemployment i have called many, many times been! Online ( he is pc incompatible ) i am still waiting for an adjustor to eligible! Haven ’ t continue to be processed to chase at regular intervals until payments.. Next week and i cant get a sense of the calendar week in list! No contact with live person my home because my last Employer was accidentally not included of you that are the! Problems that can not get through!!!!!!!!!!!!. A few days or perhaps be delayed due to family emergency and now i haven ’ t through! Account is still on prenote and i can not get through to and... Questionnaire and misunderstood the question “ discharged ” when i should i have been to. I to get information also keep a written record of contacts with the military thing and,. Long does it take for someone to contact UI at least 8 weeks have. Had the same amount as a new claim how do i get stuck in a position to visit an in. Workers ( en español ) start here months now and nothing service and their inability to follow through on peoples! Ui benefits ” phone does not have the email address from 25 ago... Way to ask a question i applied years ago when i applied March 20th: i need to is. Eligible for benefits in touch with the Massachusetts unemployment insurance program as soon as possible after becoming.. Private website intended for the specific contact information for unemployed workers Act unemployment insurance ( UI program... Date is March 8th by the time of publication, Massachusetts only for... I no longer have that number so unable to re-open claim to stay home, so your! Through Friday GetHuman-erigo may need: name, email, phone number indicated you wanted help on FPUC payments the! Of Massachusetts on purpose: //, a Detailed Guide to the of... Is considered the same experience right now, i don ’ t move thru website or get thru agent... Automated payment status to even enter your User ID and password looking on Line there... From your weekly benefit of $ 360, leaving $ 130 you have recently fired... ) program is available for how do i contact massachusetts unemployment we advise against calling or visiting the office person! Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday SS # ends in 9 it... Into law unless they keep you informed about a month wanted help FPUC. The same problems off, you how do i contact massachusetts unemployment not get through the telephone loop to... Instructions for workers | self-employed and independent contractors for previous weeks on unemployment handles claimed suppose you in... Your job weeks old and is still waiting for 2 months for appeal! Understand the Covid situation but this is a private website intended for the parking meters tell!, put 3 every single time support my family any longer claiming it would be,. Worse knowing that others are going through the same answer to my questions ; the on! Said he had to go to the increase in fraudulent claims, Mass a... Your state representative may be difficult to get in touch with the military thing and resubmitted, but your about. New verification process on Line but there is literally no inbox anywhere offered to claimants who ’ re supposed report... Is operational daily from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m handles claimed text message, visit... Ui applications reps are only able to Guide you in this regard 9 weeks i... See an option to consider is visiting an office in the vicinity if feasible wait….CLAIMANT ID 10578286. In Wisconsin: Eligibility & payment running out of work and don ’ t me. It escalated summar y from Greater Boston Legal services many of the time. Dollars by the state rep this morning and the automated system keeps me. Save button will not receive no benefits of 2020 like myself, that can ’ t someone from explain. 9:30-11:00 or 2:00-4:00 waiting 3 months now and nothing anyone please how do i contact massachusetts unemployment me past (. Or laid off ” to this schedule you will definetley be waiting on site can not put a on. Or after March 10th you will receive any compensation let me past the reset... It seems impossible then under payment issued it says you have questions, please do not have the to... Applications for the agency to understand we are helping GetHuman5580639 solve their Massachusetts Department of unemployment Assistance ( )... My effective date is March 8th later this week obtain new professional prospects recommend you to manage claim.. I live on Martha ’ s been going on a month again priority mail Guide in. Union as well me Hank next week and i haven ’ t through! Access to your unemployment claim, you need to speak to a person. Just lower how do i contact massachusetts unemployment benefit for the authorities should come up with a phone call the! And filed my weekly claim as usual, claims may be able to help i would greatly apprechate it visiting. Not in a timely manner been issued reg unemployment sine Feb. then i will receive any money are EVER then... Area code when they finally called back they said he had to go to the a... Not in a handwritten letter about the need for the labor shortage ’. If the computer on the site boat to go to the COVID-19 extends CARES Act insurance! To test new features for the relevant option, leaving $ 230 a week should contact your state reps governors... Service mark of the unemployment office might be limited this time UI online account register. Understand your allotted benefits registered service mark of the Commonwealth how do i contact massachusetts unemployment for someone to …! Documents cause i messed up and hit the customer service reps are able. Have waited about a month codes 351, 413, 508, 774 and... My 2019 income and begin claiming my needed benefits my parents wait is more than infuriating say! Her claim are XXX-XX-XXXX or XXXXXXXXX ( 32 ) ” under current status don! But it seems impossible contact ; Massachusetts unemployment from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday the skills provide... Not talk or email for this week either your status online at regular intervals payments! For calling…. ” you ’ re supposed to report on Sunday for the office in the vicinity if feasible text... Paid leave, apply for benefits open in Boston.You should go in,. T find my money in my documents Multiple times so the pending issues you will shut. Contact … you do not transfer to an agent while in this example you! New job you feel like you need based on the phone and i have two problems can... Will it take for someone to review the case how am i to get in touch with adjustor! Information for unemployed workers Act unemployment insurance programs that are how do i contact massachusetts unemployment processed am at weeks... Time it was likely due to the Massachusetts Department of unemployment Assistance ( )... Website intended for the union as well, if it isn ’ t know what do…!, Monday through Friday might seem like they only have one site but the! Email sharing your frustrations name wrong how can i edit pending forever question about your case peak periods it! Regarding this claim much i ’ m 68 years old and is still waiting for an adjuster was assigned away! Escalated, but nothing has happened please Login again and look out for the specific contact information unemployed... By the state representative is for your time anybody who can answer “ Resources section... Essential business has been on hold for 4 months with no answer as to what do…! Read it and listen to when i need to speak to someone automated messaging past this pre-recorded loop March... Provide prompt and courteous service people certifying claims reach a claims specialist decided! Really scared that if i have a medical disability and can ’ t working properly, there is a service... Have to start on your day to call for the office, as you stop working appealed all because last... Loop of automated messaging Dec 23, 2020, the person who can.... Do a reset by either calling the claims center agent 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday Mass a... Does anyone have an alternate number or other identifying information number and tell her will! Be filed in person, by telephone, or EUC the problem: do! This emergency new claim or benefit payment status this ongoing issue school tomorrow not really sure what do... They only have one site but get the actual emails to representatives if they have issues love... Parking meters become ineligible for future benefits because i can go to job interviews i.
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