Compared to the condenser coils in older systems, the condenser coils in new higher-efficiency systems: Are physically larger than older lower-efficiency coils. 2.5 ton).Back in the 1970s it was popular to install a 1/2 ton larger indoor coil than the outdoor (say a 2.5 ton outdoor and a 3 ton indoor) Unit not providing ventilation. The compressor will be robbed of some of its crankcase oil and run with a lower than normal oil level, which may score or ruin mechanical parts in the compressor. With that said, about 30-40 years ago Carrier made their air handlers with all aluminum evaporator coils. The coils 23 and ventilation passages 25 are shown larger than normal for clarity. The evaporator coils also work in conjunction with the condenser unit to condense the water in the air, thereby reducing the humidity. With its ability to be installed with either an AC-only condenser or a heat pump condenser, this unit is ideal for many applications. As air passes over the evaporator coil (pictured above), the copper refrigerant-filled coils absorb heat and moisture. And the longer your system runs, the more energy it eats up. An AC condenser unit connects to the evaporator coil. Your condenser coils sit directly behind the condenser “fins”—the thin metal wiring that covers your outdoor AC unit (see the picture above). The ADP M36E321 evaporator coil is rated to be compatible with condensers with up to 3 tons of heating and cooling. The evaporator coil is typically located on or near the unit's exterior, making it a critical part of the indoor AC unit. Call us at 919-480-2727 or contact us online to schedule your appointment now! The first distilling plants that boiled a separate water supply from that of the main boiler, appeared around 1867. By annually cleaning the evaporator coils of air handling units before the cooling season starts, you can increase your A/C system's cooling efficiency and overall life expectancy! Unit not providing ventilation. On the other hand, using an evaporator coil that is larger than the condenser coil can cool the air in your home. The team here at M&A HVAC Services, LLC want to take this opportunity to explain the importance of matching coils, but will first help educate you on the functions of an evaporator coil and your system condenser coil. These were not directly heated by a flame, but had a primary steam circuit using main boiler steam through coils within a steam drum or evaporator. dx coil matching If the condenser coil is match larger then the evaporator coil you would have more latent capacity and less sensible capacity.That is if the airflow across the evaporator coil is the same. (indoor evaporator coil, don’t get this confused by the spiny fin aluminum condenser coil of Trane / American Standard brands, which was invented by GE in the early 1980’s.) Share. The Goodman CAUF3642C6 uncased evaporator coil is designed to have a 3 to 3.5 ton output when installed with a condenser and a blower or furnace. In addition to being more accurate than the constant conductance model, the variable conductance model is also more flexible. Higher than normal pressures indicate the refrigerant is not transferring its heat into the air passing through evaporator coil. Most condenser and evaporator coils are made of copper tubing, which works through a series of thin, aluminum strips known as fins. Depending on how much bigger your condenser and what type of metering device choose you may get flooding on startup as well during run cycle. Air conditioners don’t actually “produce” cold air in the way a furnace produces heat. Improve this answer. Coils shall be designed to withstand 250 psi maximum operating pressures and a maximum temperature of 300°F for standard duty copper tube coils with standard headers. Is it customary for a new 17.5" Goodman evaporator to properly fit on top of an existing 17.5" Trane gas heat air-handler? The weaker the coils, the more prone they are to developing refrigerant leaks. However, realistically, often you can use say a Trane indoor and a Rheem outdoor without problems as long as it is not a heat pump and they are the same ton (Ex. If leaks are detected, the evaporator coil, condenser coil, and all the connecting tubes in between will be checked for damage. R eplacement is a better economic value if the air conditioning system is more than 10 years old, if other problems are discovered, or if the unit operates on R-22 (Freon). Using an evaporator coil that is smaller than the condenser coil might work better in terms of dehumidification. Not sure about current practice, but in the past, manufacturers would specify a 1/2 ton larger evap coil than the condenser & gain some SEER rating. When I search "next size up evaporator greater efficiency", these are the top results: "Yes, it’s bad if your evaporator coils are sized bigger or smaller than your condenser coils." When the constant conductance model is used a conductance is determined for each zone of both the evaporator and the condenser. The Evaporator Coil. In some system configurations, this coil tonnage will be larger than the condenser’s tonnage to maintain the unit’s efficiency. While it is only a 1/2 ton difference, I always understood that the condenser coil should be the same size as, or smaller than, the evaporator coil. If your evaporator coils are an entirely different size than your condenser coil there are a number of critical issues you can run into. Higher limits are available, depending on coil construction and / or materials used. Little agreement suggests people don't know what they're talking about. The detrimental part is that it will be ineffective in terms of removing moisture from the air. What was the sweat line on the coil I have a hard time believing that a 3 ton condensing unit can hold enough liquid in its condenser to prevent a 5 ton coil from being starved. Unit removes some water, but not as much as expected. The air conditioner as illustrated utilizes a condenser fan 27 that draws air through screen 28 past the condenser coil 13, although condenser fans which blow air through the condenser coil are common also. Evaporator coil frosted continuously, low dehumidifying capacity. You may have noticed that modern condenser coils are larger than they used to be, the reason for this is simple, the larger the surface area of the coil, the more heat can be transferred from the refrigerant to the air resulting in a lower required condensing temperature and lower head pressure. 1.2 FACTORY TESTING REQUIREMENTS . In the compression refrigeration cycle, the refrigerant is saturated: In the evaporator and condenser. 10.2k 2 2 gold badges 20 20 silver badges 48 48 bronze badges $\endgroup$ add a comment | 8 $\begingroup$ Soxhlet condenser. When evaporator and condenser coils do not match in size, the coils that are actually smaller in size are unable to keep up with the functionality of the larger sized coils. I was taught in two different A/C schools that you never over size the A-coil by more than 1/2 ton. That way, the air that is released into your home or business is cool and dry, optimizing the climate during the dog days of summer.There are several types of evaporator coils on the market today. The distillate from this vessel then passed to an adjacent vessel, the distilling condenser. While many will argue the reasoning for failure, most agree that if you don’t properly clean and maintain your system every year, it will eventually result in a buildup of dust, soot and other airborne particles that will block air flow and lead to failure. When your evaporator and condenser coils are mismatched in size, the smaller sized coils won’t be able to keep up with the capacity of the larger sized coils, which forces the entire system to run longer. In the compression refrigeration cycle, the refrigerant is subcooled: Leaving the condenser up to the metering device. REFRIGERANT EVAPORATOR COIL SPECIFICATION . Karl Karl. When this happens your AC system is forced to work much harder and longer in order to keep your home at the temperature set in the house.

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