I think what he says about recovery and accuracy, etc. . READ: Troutbitten | Tight Line Nymphing — Drift With A Stable Sighter. 2021 For the obvious reasons you clearly pointed out in article ‘the feel’ was just awful, resulting loss of confidence, one broken tip, missed bites… In more skillful hands and with better eleven footer, maybe…. “I would add that whether it’s a nine or ten foot rod, they tend to be more versatile than the manufacturers specify.”. The soft tips on these rods take forever to recover, and they are whippy, flexy sticks, good only for lobbing and not casting. Stay tuned for that article soon! It's … A fly rod is a fishing rod constructed for fly-fishing. (I still prefer the crisp action of a shorter rod.). Kind of clunky and works better with a 6 weight line. Look at how short some conventional offshore trolling and jigging rods are. It is in broad principle made like any other fishing rod, but there are some major differences, and an ordinary fishing rod can't be used for fly-fishing. It has become my go-to rod for small streams. I still think about a sort of bucket trip back to fish Big Fishing, Penn’s, Spring Creek and others when this Covid junk is over. This article is a great learning resource for all anglers. Is a rod that is longer or shorter than your current 9' going to help you? If the rod is eleven feet, then holding the rod to your right makes the fly track eleven feet to the right instead of back to your position. I have a 10’6” nymphing rod and one point of note is trudging that thing through mountain laurel is a painful process. If you can reach out another 1ft and cover that small pocket of water in front of you while maintaining better control of your flies, you will be more successful. Long rods are able to move more line when setting the hook, too. You can buy an excellent fiberglass rod for half of the price of an excellent graphite rod. Recently I got the recon 2020 10 foot 3 weight and love the feel. Ideally, each angler finds her own points of compromise. Two-handed casting has many advantages, longer cast, casting in confined areas, like high banks or trees overhanging, if you have shoulder or arm issue, casting with two hands may keep you on the water longer. This is for swinging wet flies and streamers and is very deadly. I started experimenting with longer rods after reading some of your material several years back. I use a Lamson Liquid 1.5 on the Echo by the way. Tuck. Duane. I know — you’re deadly accurate with your favorite fly rod. So, it’s the reach. . I just wanted to complement you on the recent article on fly rods. But for the discussion of accuracy, shorter rods lend you more. Book now to join me in 2020. Slow down and relax, the rod can cast. . That’s a tough one to admit or even understand for some people, but it’s true. What are the benefits to using a short or longer rod? Went to 3# and handles buggers and tiny nymphs alike. There are also benefits to using a shorter rod too! And these two qualities determine a leader’s turnover power and the amount of potential drag . Then, as written in the article above, they start to suffer as an all around tool, in my opinion. But that’s overstating the point. Your rod should inspire you to want to go fishing. Trying to do anything with a standard two piece rod is difficult. Extending this principle into real-world fishing quickly reveals the handicap of a longer rod for streamers. I was using an Scrambled egg pattern With a size 16 pheasant tail. For example, thin fly lines such as Cortland’s .022 inch level line or Rio’s Euro Nymph line make it easier to lift and hold the line above the water. This can also be a good choice for wade polaroiding where short, fast presentations are required. Like I lost a section or something. . Know your tippet diameter. Longer rods allow the angler to lengthen the shock leader between the rod tip and lure. I don’t think I would see much drop off in recovery and accuracy compared to a 10′ rod in the same make and model, such as an echo shadow x. On the other hand, I have friends who spend all their river time just tight lining nymphs. But, from shorter and lighter dry fly/spring creek rods to 11' Czech style nymphing rods, length can vary dramatically. Each time I think about getting a medium action graphite rod in that 7'6" length--say, a GS 773--the Epic does it, and in most cases does it better. Thanks. And I think the extra length would outweigh any disadvantages. . Other rod shops are spending time looking into heavier weight glass, in 6- weight and above, along with switch and even two-hand models, as well. Well, in an opposite way, a shorter fly rod can also have its benefits. That’s an excellent point. benefits That I noticed with my clients when I put a longer fly rod in their hands. Simply put- there is no standard (or traditional) length. And anything that goes under the water drags even more. If you fish hard and pay attention to the details, you’ll often catch, miss or turn enough trout to learn something. Now try to lead the streamer directly back to you. In this case you may be simply rolling, dipping and dapping because there is usually no need for a back cast. That is SO true. I’m still learning. They load up well on modern rods and have the power to turn over longer leaders. This rod allows me to fish all different kinds of flies, in all different kinds of scenarios and waters for all different species of fish. But usually, longer roads have longer load times, and they feel less powerful. When you do the geometry, an extra foot of fly rod provides about three feet of extra reach at thirty feet. With streamers, we use the rod tip to lead the line and the fly on a path. Doesn’t it? In my own decades of angling, average fly rods have gotten lighter and longer. So if your goal is a dead drift, above or below the surface, the extra reach that a longer rod provides is always welcome. Long and light Tenkara rods flex easily, allowing them to … But why? And for casting these rigs, I do not like slower action. My two long rods are a 10’ 4 wt Loomis NRX+ and the Zephrus Ultralite 9’9” 4 wt. READ: Troutbitten | Fly Casing the Mono Rig — It’s Casting, Not Lobbing. But if not, a broken rod tip thwacked on a tree limb will make it so. Well yes and no. The reality is, in a mountain-laurel-choked brookie stream, swing distance for a fly rod is at a premium. To minimize the amount of stuff carried, I usually deploy a Cortland euro leader for the tight-lining. I always tell people that if you can hear the rod WHOOOSH through the air, you’re working way to hard. And there really is no other reason that doesn’t come down to the distance gained by fishing a longer rod. Jeez Dom, now you got me thinking. This means faster lure speed and greater distance. Longer rods offer a huge advantage when fishing open water, using lighter line and making long casts. One point: slower action is not necessarily best for Mono Rigs. PA fly fishing legend Ed Shenk was a big advocate of fishing shorter rods. Don’t get to dry fly it much, but the 9’4 to 12’3 versatility works for me and minimized additional rod purchase. Fly fishing is an angling activity that uses a lightweight lure to catch fish. Spin Fishing – is really meant to catch a lot of fish. Fly rods come in various lengths. And advanced angling starts by being aware of the stats. As you say, I have been quite happy with it both for mono rigs and dry fly traditional casting. And my choice for thick cover is a seven-and-a-half or an eight-foot rod. Now just a five-inch strip with the rod tip up. . I would really stress that all anglers really put the rod through its paces and experiment with different techniques and styles. That’s the truth. Domenick Swentosky T R O U T B I T T E N domenick@troutbitten.com. Likewise, I’ve met anglers who wish they’d chosen a longer rod. I’m originally from suburban Pittsburgh (Plum Borough) and a Penn State grad. Nowadays my sweet spot for tight line nymphing is both sides of 10′ depending on water type etc. And the lighter a rod is, the easier it is for their small arms to cast. Blank makers are figuring out ways to make longer and lighter glass fly rods and that heavier line weight fly rods have advantages in blank strength with the ability to leverage and control large fish. Have a 7ft 5wt and a 10ft 5wt. I recently tried a bamboo rod (Orvis midge-nymph from the 70’s) and couldn’t cast accurately with it due to the soft, slow action. Tick. So, gather data toward those questions, and then branch off from there. You can demonstrate this easily with a visible test. anything that touches the water drags. So let’s fix that. At the heart of the puzzle is an eternal question: What do the trout want? I just purchased an Echo Shadow X 10’6″ 3 wt that I haven’t used yet. The accuracy is amazing. It matters. Fish what works and be ready for anything — that’s a Troutbitten theme. 928 Words 4 Pages. By allowing your body to create most of the power, called body casting, the spey rod will finish the casts with considerably less arm effort. Yesterday I started swinging streamers and ended throwing #24 midges on the Tulpehocken. While I listed just one main advantage of a longer rod (more reach), I’m about to list numerous disadvantages of extra rod length. Just let it go, and free yourself from the stupidity…I am 70, and have fished with the fly rod, and every other kind of rod…never has the concept of an art form entered my head when using any of these methods. But can tell you this,Shadow2 takes a lot of punishment,and Echo had replaced broken sections in 2 weeks. Very impressed with this rods versatility. Recently, fly fisherman have been trying to catch anything and everything on a fly rod, and are able to do so in most cases, so to say fly fishing is just for trout, is really false these days. About 9-10 months ago I purchased a TFO lefty kreh signature 2 in 9′ 6wt. Devin Olsen did the math on this a few years ago, possibly more, if the trout are picky enough to reject the fly at distance, Trout Like To Do What Their Friends Are Doing, Distance: Know Your Weights and Measures — Part Two, Troutbitten State of the Union — 2020 Wrap Up, VIDEO | Fly Fishing the Mono Rig: Streamers — Episode 1, Tight Line and Euro Nymphing — The Lift and Lead, Streamer Presentations — The Tight Line Dance, Fifty Fly Fishing Tips: #43 — Two Ways to Recover Slack, Get Short and Effective Drifts with Your Fly, Fly Casting — Five Tips For Better Mending, Lost Trout Are Your Fault — Streamer Fishing Myth v Truth, The Meat Eater Minority — Streamer Fishing Myth v Truth, Fifty Fly Fishing Tips: #21 — Fear No Snag, Streamer Fishing Myth v Truth — Eats and Misses. It’s a great way to keep in touch. They are also very good tools for high-sticking with nymphs. But if the rod is eight feet, then the fly tracks three feet closer to you. Fly rods are more different than they are the same. These are first person accounts showing the thoughts, strategies and actions around particular situations on the river, putting the reader in the mind of the angler. I’ve fiddled with several longer rods, none of them very expensive. That’s been done for decades. So our rod hand movements are amplified with longer rods. I usually use soft hackle wets and the shorter rod lets me put the fly on target. They all catch a lot of fish using different rods in different lengths casting their own go to “confidence” flies. This method of fishing dates centuries back and continues to grow with technological advancements. If it doesn’t, you don’t own the right rod, yet. . I fish for wild brown trout in the cool limestone waters of Central Pennsylvania year round. Definitely an acquired taste. Great read as always Dom. These views address all seasons, all distances and many variations .

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