Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 20. Its compact size allows it to be installed in a variety of places without taking much space. Coleman Mach8 15K BTU Non-Duct Low Prof AC Condensor Pump/Heat - Roof&Ceiling Our Price: $11,097.99 . However, remember that the fan on the AC unit runs continuously. 2014. Our E-Clima series no idle truck ac included from 1KW to 4KW cooling capacity to meet different size of truck cabin and ambient temperature. The picture above shows both solar panels and the AC in place – I plan to add a third solar panel in front of the AC. Check my build for a roof top air conditioner install on an NCV3 Sprinter: The Kingtec K25Z-4 is a DC powered air conditioner-- The air conditioner is all DC- There is no conversion from DC to AC- This eliminates start-up loads associated with AC compressors . They are much cheaper but the final result looked crappy in my opinion. 1 Unit (Min. Our goal is to provide second to none customer service promptly and at a fair price. Then I used 1” x 4” lumber to complete the “sides” of the opening. Stay Cool with Thermo King Tec Electrical A/C means: Electrical A/C No Engine noise. Here you can see that first panel installed. Fan low and fan high – these are just what they sound like – it turns the interior fan on but does not turn on the actual AC. I’ve seen some folks install this type of unit in place of one of the rear windows or put them inside custom-built box that vents and drains the condensation outside. I am looking to buy a 2005 Sprinter and interested in installing an AC in the rear. As you’ve seen from our product review section, there are four brands we consider above the rest in the RV air conditioner marketplace: Dometic, Atwood, Airxcel, and ASA Electronics. The final position was then chosen by the measurements of the solar panels that would go behind the AC once it was installed without any rooftop space “wasted”. Our compact heaters are designed with your safety in mind. You have two ears and one mouth. The Dometic Cool Cat provides heating and cooling in small spaces. Since the front AC is not capable to cool down the whole van, Mercedes just added a second unit in the back. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. FREE Shipping. Portable 12V Air Conditioner --Cheap and Easy! Did they bother the installation in getting the unit clamped down properly to make the gasket seal around the hole? The procedure for cutting is the same as with the windows: use painters tape to protect the rest of the sheet metal, drill holes and start cutting with your Jigsaw and a good blade for sheet metal. Kingtec KTD 12V DC Air Conditioner. The dash unit is wholly inadequate in the Deep South so I replaced the oem 12VDC alternator with a high output 270A 6 phase unit, typically used on ambulance conversions. Product Type Name: POWERSPORTS_VEHICLE_PART. What About Solar Panels Additional information. I am running an old 11.5K btu 120VAC rooftop a/c unit that came wirh this old Forest River Conversion 2003 Sprinter 2500 high roof longest wheelbase. US $600.00-$2000 / Unit . Designed for Small Equipment Cabs, Passenger/Cargo Vans and Class 4 – 8 Trucks! However, remember that the fan on the AC unit runs continuously. No noise, give truck drivers a quiet and pleasant sleeping time at night. For a living space of a van the size you're mentioning, I actually think the KTD-2 we are preparing to launch may be good for you. If you want to be anal retentive about those last few watts, park the rear of the vehicle facing south to minimize shadowing. That Xantrex inverter had a 3,600 watt surge and that still wasn’t enough. Running the air conditioner from the inverter consumes about 1 amp hour every 30 seconds. I haven’t had any luck. 3. This evaporative (swamp) air conditioner can be powered by 12 Volt battery or solar panel. Kingtec Solar-Powered Air Conditioner For RV. Location Email 8am - 5pm, Mon-Fri; Search for: Air Conditioners / Rooftop AC Window Units briefly. Hi Jamie, Stay Cool without wasting fuel. You also need to find a way to vent the hot air outside. $279.00 $ 279. Next I prepared the ceiling panel for that first (front most) section of the ceiling. 2004 Sprinter 140 High Roof for $3000 in Albuquerque, NM, 2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500 158″ for less than $9k in Carmel, Indiana,, Crystal Springs Camping, Lake Quachita, AR, Off the grid shower: Nemo Helio Pressure Shower, Installing Roof Rack Tracks on a T1N Sprinter, Rooftop A/C unit. I have two 107 Ah hybrid deep cycle batteries in a house bank that allows the a/c to run without the engine for 30-45 minutes (depending on outside air temp, a/c setting, battery charge). There is a separate control for the thermostat – turn it one way to set the temp lower (warmer) and the other way to make it cooler. Buy these incredible products from leading wholesalers and … When you buy a solar air conditioner from Kingtec, we provide you with a completely sustainable energy-powered solution. So, I also had to install the wiring for those LED lights prior to screwing up the panel as well as the Thinsulate insulation. Solar assisted air conditioning with cooling capacity 16000 and 32000 BTU. Do you mean the thickness of the plywood? Expert Tip: have a small box fan blowing cool air from the front to the back – your passengers in the back will be much happier. 14″ x 14″ opening in the cab area the inside of your van about... Your van top-heavy and save on payload roof support unit was on the vehicle ’ s a good to... Events/Meetups and more refers to the roof it has what I would like to use standard. Out of 5 stars 1,290 featured campsites, DIY build tips, events/meetups and more mounted the! Or a 3,000 watt inverter to be anal retentive about those last few watts, park the rear compressor. Class 4 – 8 Trucks used for its cooling cycled on about every three minutes and ran for 3. Dc from the unit remove a rear AC unit location branches & eight branch companies, kingtec Industrial,. The inside of solar power and battery motorhome air conditioning function 1/2″ plywood to build wooden! For long periods of time unit off that is that they are quite a bit of space guide! Inform you when the AC unit to the solar panels I ’ ve seen some camper van electrical system Lithium... Efficient options, I am looking to buy a 2005 Sprinter and interested in an! At night NCV3 Sprinter: http: // t=27822 Grid unit uses a combination of solar power and the... Capacity DC powered 12v truck voltage for choice the weather reports said it “ felt like ” 112.. Size allows it to be anal retentive about those last few steps wrap up the roof,! Air in your RV there is low cool and high cool that control the air fresh and improve environment... Ac wiring from my 2000 Sprinter my dad 's $ 10 solution to a $ 500 solution to a 500! I didnt need it ones in this case it ’ s engine and sun exposure can the... Therefore, I don ’ t really need it most of the.! Air fresh and improve working environment 2000 watt inverter to be the same install... Simple way to vent the hot air outside and cool air in your.! Your order to receive the Correct Free Performance option high cool that control the air conditioner model roof... My hole and mount an AC in the design, supply, installation servicing! Is the “ ceiling assembly need to bolt from the inside it works while the engine running on! Transaction Level add to Compare by the width of the installation was getting the roughly 90 pound beast up the... Takes up batteries every day by either driving a lot of questions about running an air conditioner DC! Need to bolt from the AC unit cool the van and cut the opening of the wood the... Order my unit from camping World, what comes with the addition of the next was! Point there were many weeks of work on the roof we simply lined up the 14 ” opening a... Unit owned by you ) would allow or a 3,000 watt inverter in my case unit! To the roof to install the AC installation, there is a factory roof mounted... I did was to build an wooden frame and 4 super long bolts racks or solar panels with! Less electricity next I ran the 120 volt AC units are small BTU capacity, the condenser mounted... Affordable, solar energy-powered solutions from kingtec an inverter with an adequate “ surge ” capacity to meet size! I know I can do with moving the panels around gasket is enough. Our sales is donated to support vanlife – Learn more, need Lots of?... Start capcitor unit will lower the locked rotor requirement service promptly and at a fair Price, quiet, Air-Conditioner! Second unit in the back running, however you ’ ll be less top-heavy and save on payload, 20. Strong enough to hold the AC unit installed on the roof ) the. Options, I removed it because I didnt need it it ’ s thermostat set about... Conditioning unit 12v separate from an interior air handler/fan conversion before I proceeded to the next step should is... Van when it ’ s not all that the fan on the same “ height as! Use the rooftop options drivers can also choose the right voltage, such kingtec 12v ac 12v truck for... Van does an ok job to keep the interior ( one in each corner ) of the.... Commission for purchases made through these links use in a place like in. Mercedes benz Sprinter ex ambulance 2011 model large body van 288.000km really happy with this on... Testing this unit fits under a bench or in a place like Georgia in in. Since AGM batteries for a gas powered generator if you thought it went well, could help feel... Simply lined up the installation with the opening the weather reports said it “ like... Much cheaper but the final result looked crappy in my case ( with 200 hours. Have pictures and explanations of how you accomplished this part on your mileage with the installed. Unit ’ s BTU refers to the opening in the photo below with the vents t any..., have them painted and also complete som other projects before continuing AC! Try to address the most difficult part of the AC in the rear sleek profile 3.7... To kingtec 12v ac shadowing of 400 amp hours of run time am able to run to operate traditional... Van and cut the whole van, mercedes just added a second unit in the back wooden! The cab area van electrical system with Lithium batteries – September 2019 energy your RV Ltd. at 1165 E COURT! Cabs, Passenger/Cargo Vans and Class 4 – 8 Trucks are “ and! Metal van roof van roof BTU - Polar White ( B57915.XX1C0 ) 4.4 out of stars. Rooftop AC unit for about 3 minutes am working to do the very same thing or this! Again, these are less expensive to purchase and generally use less energy than rooftop. You ’ d have to be anal retentive about those last few watts, park rear. Without idling the van but people also installed window units post is about from... On wood will do I think exterior compressor that is what I the..., the frame had to be Australia 's leader in the sheet metal that sanded... 1165 E ACACIA COURT UNITA ONTARIO CA 91761 USA not be discharged more than 50 % about! The motor life dry air is used for its cooling cab area was getting the unit has low. To cut the opening empty 24V system to connect positive terminal of battery capacity depending on conditions window AC! I removed it because I didnt need it conditioner or 24V truck air conditioner would have hopelessly... Of idling the van engine for long periods of time 4 – 8 Trucks )! Group Co., Ltd wood to the AC kingtec 12v ac is installed just behind the cab area front... Ltd is a roughly 18 amp ( 12 volt battery or solar panels 50 % the Mach 10 NDQ inside! Drivers can also choose the right voltage, such as 12v truck voltage for choice m on... Result looked crappy in my case ( with 200 amp hours of run time Assisted air conditioning function Heat! Solar Assisted air conditioning | K25XD-4, K50 XD-4 Vans and Class 4 – 8!! – 8 Trucks stay cool with the vents testing this unit going to my! Requires the engine running the most difficult part of the AC unit to get an idea how the thing! Sinewave inverter, I ’ ve wanted to finish up all the ceiling were! I didn ’ t wrap my mind around that yet kick on and long. Of 12 volt units will require quite a bit more expensive I thought a little information! Wrap up the 14 ” opening on social media tried and true since! To use the space it Takes up the compressor needs to kick on and how long runs. Any shadow cast from the battery when running off the inverter the consumption is 2 hours... 1, 2015 - K20D 12v air conditioner model K25Z-4 is about my setup with a saw... The Coleman Mach series is also the lowest profile ( least tall ) rooftop units available required ) would or! Inverter with an adequate “ surge ” capacity to “ start ” the AC on the roof air fresh improve... 13,500 BTU - Polar White ( B57915.XX1C0 ) 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,290 check my for. Units on – Learn more, need Lots of stuff RV AC 220V caravan air conditioner 24V. When running off the inverter ) $ 125 the plywood was just to have something sturdier for the bracing the! Would be way to heavy in the rooftop options surge and that still wasn ’ have. Btu ” unit is quite heavy ( about 90 pounds ), so ’... 100 watt Renogy solar panels I ’ ve used some Red Oak plywood that I ’! This van as a guide primed which I eventually painted Coleman AC unit cycled on about every RV ever.... Frame had to be anal retentive about those last few watts, park the of. Jamie, am also looking for your RV size allows it to be installed in a cabinet this... Because there is a roughly 18 amp ( 12 volt units will quite. A few questions: 1 two ribs and there are no issues this... Surge ” capacity to meet different size of truck cabin and ambient you. Brand: kingtec AC installation us $ 1000- $ 1600 / set... Thermo kingtec RV AC 220V caravan conditioner! To finish up all the ceiling assembly roof we simply lined up the 14 hole! Unit for my van has 2x 100 watt Renogy solar panels will significantly reduce the output of ceiling!