T2N 3P7 Ph 403-452-2263 901 King Street West, Suite 400, Toronto, ON. Keep in mind, duplicating a mono recording will not make it a stereo recording. 3 Likes. you know how sounds "seem" as if they get quieter when you pan them hard left or right? Passing both files through a Loudness Meter confirms equal numerical Program Loudness. Likewise, if there are two guitar outputs, or two keyboard outputs, use stereo. I suspect many engineers follow the same strategy. If your system is capable of true stereo coverage, then yes by all means mix in stereo and most will. More technically, true stereo means sound recording and sound reproduction that uses stereographic projection to encode the relative positions of objects and events recorded. MikeWestSE June 15, 2020, 9:42pm #3. If your mix sounds great in mono, it’s going to sound incredible in stereo. FREE Virtual Home Repair. If your music gets played there, it’ll be automatically summed to mono. By adding a second microphone on a separate channel to record that same vocal, you’re now recording in stereo. However the numbers do not reflect an obvious perceptual difference during playback. In other words, the volume of a mono sound playing out a single speaker will be amplified more than the same sound panned center and playing out both speakers. Mono refers to single audio signals, such as one vocal track recorded with a microphone. Mono. Selecting Stereo versus Mono Inputs for Audio Tracks Last updated on 3/22/2016. In some recording applications, an audio track is designated as being a "mono" track or a "stereo" track when it is inserted. However, the numbers do not reflect an obvious perceptual difference in reading. Stereo. However, you should account for what is commonly called “perceived loudness”. For those of you looking for more info about mono and stereo recording, try Wikipedia. In addition, Mr Dilger seems to ignore that stereo sound requires separation. This difference is especially apparent when listening to music MP3 files. In a common stereo setup of two channels: left and right, one channel is sent to the left speaker and the other channel is sent to the right speaker. Dear Prudence The stereo version has slightly more treble and fades to a lower volume at the end. RandomSkratch June 15, 2020, 10:11pm #4. There are plenty of “stereo” speakers that aren’t really stereo, because their two speakers (generally two tweeters; a single woofer can be used in such cases) are too close together. Stereo. One scenario that have both pros and cons for mono and stereo recording, is where a singer/songwriters more often than not make use of their voices as well as an instrument, very often a guitar. Is this true? The human brain is likely to perceive a guitar tracked in mono to be louder than a stereo-tracked guitar. mono or stereo? Mono vs. Now non vocal mono parts can be panned where you want them to best fill out the mix. Indeed, the Mono file is perceptively stronger than its stereo counterpart. It depends on the situation. A stereo MP3, on the other hand, includes both a left and a right audio channel, each of which contains slightly different audio. For roughly a … Use the stereo 1/4 outputs of the Digitakt, would be foolish to run the Digitakt in mono. Stereophonic sound. Once set up, you can simply enable it or bypass it to switch from stereo to mono with one click. The result is a bass that appears to be quite broad, when in reality the sub frequencies are dead-center. The information in this article applies to: SONAR (all versions) Home Studio (all versions) Guitar Tracks (all versions) Music Creator (all versions)