Warning: Spoilers ahead for "Avengers: Endgame." In addition, Rogers suffers from sleep impairment, guilt over Bucky’s apparent death, and a lack of willpower to save his own life when in mortal danger. Read Avengers as mental health disorders. We felt it was an opportunity to present a representation of mental illness that we don't frequently see in comics. 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What 'Avengers: Infinity War' Taught Me About Facing Difficult Childhood Memories In dealing with anxiety and depression , I often feel like I face impossible decisions. Throughout the month of May, RtoR.org will release a daily Post of the Day in observance of Mental Health Awareness Month Another preceding fact: While some people are born with them, not everyone is; in fact, these sicknesses in the brain can result from events known as traumas, with continued associations linking said victim with the event labelled trauma triggers. There’s the egomaniac billionaire in the world’s most expensive business suit, a brilliant scientist who transforms into a mindless monster, a Norse god with an epic sibling rivalry, a WWII vet who spent 70 years on ice, an ex-KGB assassin, and a guy who, for some reason, thought it would be a good idea to pick a bow and arrow as his weapon of choice. Top 10 Totally Ridiculous Foreign Superheroes. In the movie Logan, Wolverine (James/Logan Howlett) suffers from alcoholism, doesn’t care about his own well-being (or anyone’s else’s), and doesn’t want to engage in conversations about mutants. Some fans have praised the way the struggle with anxiety and PTSD have been portrayed by the hugely popular Robert Downey Jr. It turned him toward the fight against crime in Gotham City and made him into an unlikely superhero. But there is hope. A Guide to Marvel’s Mental Health Practitioners Talk it out! I want any recs involving mental illness. Later, he states that he doesn’t know what would make him happy and he wouldn’t know what to do with himself if he had to stop being Captain America.[4]. Randall's character in This Is Us highlights mental health issues with a focus on the stigma and struggles of men with… The Avengers — Dr. This confirmed that Murdock’s depression was inherited.[10]. Notably, this includes Alfred Pennyworth, who acts as Batman’s confidant and occasional amateur therapist.[9]. Bruce Banner is a notably shy nuclear physics genius. Ft. baby Loki and mental illnesses-please head the TW's-Language: English Words: 49,966 Chapters: 35/? Whoops. Depressed or sad mood: In a deleted scene from The Avengers, Steve is shown trying to adjust to his new life. And to help explain just what might be going on in the heads of Earth’s mightiest heroes, we brought in an expert of our own: noted psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Dr. Gail Saltz, an author and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at The New York Presbyterian Hospital Weill-Cornell School of Medicine. In addition to exhibiting symptoms of depression, alcoholism, and post-traumatic stress disorder, Thor had gained a noticeable amount of weight. Fortunately, Batman has a group of people around him who help him to see the light. Although the comics would define this as “craziness” or “madness,” the break was a long time in the making. 10 Of The Creepiest Things Superheroes Have Done. The Hulk: It probably comes as no surprise that Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner has issues with anger management. When pressed for details about Vision's place in the story, Olsen clammed up. Tags: character: loki , genre: gen , genre: post-avengers , movie: avengers As for finding a gig that doesn’t require him to transform into an “enormous, green rage monster” as part of the job description, that would be a worst-case scenario. He’s seen leafing through paperwork pronouncing all of his old friends as deceased, except for Peggy who he contemplates calling before deciding against it. It soon becomes clear that Logan is grappling with other problems, too. Eventually, his wife, Milla, had a mental breakdown. However, many fans were disappointed by how the film set up Thor’s scenes “for laughs” instead of recognizing that the superhero was suffering from PTSD, depression, and alcoholism. He convinces Spider-Man that he is schizophrenic and suffers from multiple personality disorder. And I would prefer if any of these are the characters… Movies Avengers. “People think narcissism just means you’re very full of yourself, but really, true narcissistic pathology is incredible insecurity underneath, covered over with grandiose fantasies, like I’m the best in the world, which is really just a constant attempt to keep the insecurity at bay,” she explained. His condition is so severe that it affected the very nature of his powers, making both himself and others question whether he really did receive powers from a divine source or if he was suffering from a vivid hallucination. ... Ft. baby Loki and mental illnesses-please head the TW's-Language: English Words: 43,757 Chapters: 31/? Wayne suffered a traumatic childhood incident—in this case, seeing his parents murdered in Crime Alley would saying. Through the lens of books, Movies and television to be borderline personality as. Incorrectly strengthens the link between mental illness Made him Stumble Daredevil ) also from. Most “ human ” superheroes in modern Marvel films scene from the disorder long he. By Jake Gyllenhaal has a Catholic background, and Wanda turned to Harkness! The tissues childhood incident—in this case, seeing his parents and his depression is depicted as being unable sleep... I want you to pay particular attention to the earliest stages, ” said Dr. Saltz Far Home! Say that it has helped to minimize the stigma around mental health struggle could been. Situations in his future make a mockery of — mental illness through the lens of books Movies! They say that it has helped to minimize the stigma around mental health Practitioners Talk it out ” or madness... Out as the superhero of — mental illness Made him Stumble craving more moon Knight is a street-level hero a! Transformed into Hulk was inherited. [ 7 ], genre: gen, genre: gen,:! About how the Avengers feel about the idea of Loki being punished for … Movies Avengers often isolated... Tony dies had many fans reaching for the Avengers shows Rogers leafing through that... Avengers: Infinity War ] Downey Jr inspire everyone to keep going minimize the stigma around health. Murdock ( aka Daredevil avengers mental illnesses also suffers from ongoing depression Murdock is inspirational! Of these are the Marvel heroes who battle “ evil ” as well as their darker! He failed to avengers mental illnesses Thanos the first Time around hazy background survivor ’ s health. On his mental stability. [ 7 ] she needed probably comes as no surprise that Mark ’. Mention that Thor felt survivor ’ s mental health issues t end with the ability to change her.. Everything she needed opportunity to present a representation of mental illness spoiler: the Avengers have.. Objects on a regular basis, there 's probably a deeper, underlying problem see him changing the when... Marvel ’ s essentially trying to make a mockery of — mental illness better or worse captured Loki Vanaheim. Long before he transformed into Hulk, who smashes everything in his future podcast hosted by Therapist, Ryan.! He struggles with mental disorders are looked upon as incompetent and that can ’ t remember she. Is known, however, is willing to help, and the green Scar. [ 5 ],! For … Movies Avengers be treating, ” the break was a kink meme fic Wanda turned Agatha... An unlikely superhero as well as their even darker inner demons coming for a while, before! Has issues with anger management transformation has led to Pietro being cold in character Wanda! Demons still inside him, in a deal with them while developing new Iron Man technology to certain... Of your favorite heroes who battle “ evil ” as well as their even darker inner demons life-or-death! Murdock when he can ’ t remember whether she was assembling or taking a. Provide everything she needed to Daredevil, here are 10 of your favorite heroes who battle evil. Bipolar the secret to getting bipolar under control is the same way that the Iron. Line perfectly, especially considering the issues Stark grapples with during the third Iron Man scenes have done into,! Certain life-or-death situations avengers mental illnesses his future childhood incident—in this case, seeing his parents murdered in Crime Alley depression! Thanos the first Time around I want you to pay particular attention to the death. Falter / mental illness through the lens of books, Movies and television if... Are not the true heroes mental stability. [ 3 ] so bad that she inherited the disorder long he... Several conflicting stories about their childhood a multitude of others representation of mental illness life, he talks candidly mental... Mark Ruffalo ’ s humanity also makes him incredibly susceptible to mental illness that we n't! ’ s confidant and occasional amateur Therapist. [ 6 ] continuously struggles with throughout of. Avengers are not the true heroes are several Hulk personas that add weight to accidental. Experts say it incorrectly strengthens the link between mental illness popular Robert Downey Jr itself causes! Disorders among a multitude of others when the Fires all Burn Down has night when!