... PlayStation Support has fewer staff members available to answer phones and participate in … Verify your email address. In the Account section, select [Basic Account Information] or [PSN Profile], and make the necessary changes. If you have lost your 2-step verification phone number or the 2SV backup codes, please visit the guide below for steps to recover your account. How to Prevent Suspension for Chargebacks on PlayStation™Network. X Research source Even if you live outside of the UK, a representative at PlayStation will be able to redirect your email to the right department or location if it’s necessary. If you believe purchases were made on your account without your consent, please contact PlayStation Support. I got the information and re-contacted support, but I messed up the console serial number on that attempt to open the account. You can call Playstation at +54 116 770 7669 phone number, fill out a contact form on their website www.playstation.com, or write a letter to Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC, 2207 Bridgepointe Parkway, San Mateo, California, 94404, United States. Sign in to your account on PlayStation Network. ... Activation links your PlayStation system to your account and allows you to access PlayStation Store content. PS5 console sharing and offline play. Change your PSN password using a web browser, PlayStation App or another PlayStation system and remove all payment methods from your account. Check your email for a verification message. Web browser: set up an account Go to Account Management and select Create New Account. Contact us to let us know and we’ll do what we can to help. If your console has been suspended you will not be able to connect to PlayStation Network with any account. Update from PlayStation®Vita I contacted support, and the live agent gave me a list of the information I need to recover the account. Update on the Web. That means you will not be able to use some products and services, even ones you paid for. Activate your PS4. PlayStation Support. You can read our Cookie Policy here. Reset your password. If you cannot change your password, someone using your account may have already changed your sign-in information. What happens if my account or console is suspended? Follow the instructions in the message to verify your email address. By continuing to browse, you consent to our use of cookies. To prevent suspension of your account, make sure your financial institution does not reverse charges on any valid purchases or subscriptions made on PlayStation™Network. Enter your details and preferences and select Next on each screen. If your account is suspended, you will not be able to access PlayStation Network. Include your account information and contact information, and ask PlayStation support to contact you to discuss it. The steps outline above will help you regain control of your PlayStation account. How can I recover my account? Change Your PlayStation Network Account Password. Contact Playstation customer service. I have lost my verification information. If you are unable to remember the date of birth that you used when registering your account, you may need to contact the support team. My playstation account was hacked recently. Set up an account for PlayStation Network. You should provide them with your online ID and a copy of your ID. Go to [Sign-in] > [Account Management] > [Account Information], and make the necessary changes. Try our new PlayStation password recovery tool to recover your account.