I am ashamed of those ” intellectuals ” and ” professors ” who wrote in this blog in response to Dr. Bruce’s posting on the Tuareg problem. Maybe this as a result of what you have concluded in you your article when you said “I’m no expert on the Tuareg or northern Mali in general” . MNLA did not administer AZAWAD.. fact Is the State department sitting in DC using a new technology to count people we don’t know about? Why don’t you speak the truth? In 2003, … Yes Malian army has done some awful things (But are not only to Tuagues), just like MNLA did some terrible things, like many Tuaregues do some awful things, liking waiting for farmers to finish their Crops and then come in and ROB them. You are no expert on the Tuaregs to be saying such misleading and damaging things about them, and you have grossly violated the anthropological code of ethics. Pingback: Understanding Mali’s ‘Tuareg problem’ — War in Context. that MNLA will be more a danger for our People than a solution, and some of the reasons have been very well pointed by Mr. Andy Morgan (internal divisions within Tuaregs themselves, leadership problems – if any leadership still exist!-, inexistent political project and vision (for the next years and decades) by Tuareg leaders and MNLA, representativity issues, etc.). So let’s discuss the topics you covered:1) that most Tuareg are black: Ils ont droit de vivre sur leur terre et disposer d’eux même conformément aux traités de Droit en vigeuuer. Succeeded by federal! You will still have your fiefdoms and myriad squabbles, but who cares when all the world is concerned is if the oil is flowing. Ms Mariama, Must differentiate between “the political problems” and “social distinctions ” and “intellectual differences” ideological .. exm .. You just did a good job in bringing this debate. (features, people) User Name: Remember Me: Password Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! because of the atrocities committed against them by the Malian army and by the Gandakoy militias armed by the Malian government. Une telle discrimination, un tel égoïsme au 21e siècle de la part d’un pays dit démocratique doivent interpeller toutes les Nations Démocratiques du Monde. Hey cousines Fati and Mariama, am so glad you guys are in the debate! The constraints there are totally different from many places in the north, but the needs and grievances of that place are real too. People may disagree with the sources I cite, but as Abdoul points out, none of the hostile comments made here since Thursday has referred to alternative sources to back up their contention that the claims I made are false. The freed slaves at the center of the Supreme Court lawsuit had originally been trafficked from Mali. Successes indeed! judge that their demand acceptable or unacceptable, There is nothing – the agreed upon humans –. The ruler, like Nehru in India, often attempts to be quite flexible on autonomy while sticking hard to non-independence. (a) you have no evidence that any policy was based on these numbers and (b) the 2008 embassy cable is hardly a proof; this is some guy sitting in a room typing a cable — BTW, if you check CIA’s Factbook on Mali, the language numbers seem to have came straight from the 2009 census (https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/ml.html) — so here we have another branch of the US government who seem to agree with the 2009 census. And if you wanna know more about me, my family, just ask me, I can send you all my parents, grand-parents, ancestors names, who they are and where they live, etc…. As Mr. Whitehouse said in his conclusion: ”until Malians of all backgrounds can meet for open dialogue about the crimes they have endured — and carried out — they will continue talking past each other, and their divergent views of their common history will only grow further apart.”, To Karim le déluge d’aide étrangère à la lutte antiterroriste, sans résultat tangible sur la réduction de la menace, a conduit à douter de la volonté des autorités maliennes de lutter contre Aqmi. Robbed who ever they wanted, is this by any chance a CRIME ? this is the truth no one can change. As Arabs pushed east into Berber lands, both the Muslim faith and Arabic language prevailed. That man was a black skinned Bellah. Like I say, let all TRIBES Start working and payin g for their MEAls, WITHOUT EXECPTION ! 2,676 0. People are attacking this post for things it didn’t even say — and very few of the critics are offering any solution.